Curated Poetry

“Irie” is a Jamaican expression meaning everything is alright. Irie Poetry Shop is a Black-Owned Independent Bookstore specializing in Classic Poetry. Our shop’s mission is to connect readers to the past through emotion.

  • With Rare Finds

    Some of the poems in our books could only be found on old newspaper and magazine clippings. Some authors’ birth dates and places are unknown. Some of the works weren’t given any acclaim due to discriminatory practices. We carry these finds as well as the famous classics we all know and love. Our shop is dedicated to sharing a well-rounded collection of Classic Poetry.

  • Made for Readers

    If you'd like to collect some of the most profound literature written since the beginning of time, you're in the right place. Our products are sold online internationally. Our gift items are available on Spring. We invite you to browse our books or choose the perfect gift. You can be notified when we add new titles by joining our list here: Join.